The non-surgical cosmetic industry in the UK is completely unregulated at present. Anyone, regardless of their qualifications or experience, can administer these treatments completely legally. Every day more ‘training academies’ pop up and offer one-day training courses for Botox and fillers. Practitioners attend a two-day course – it’s often called a ‘masterclass’. Would you be happy allowing someone with two days’ training and no clinical experience to call themselves an expert?

Whilst typing in ‘Botox in Bristol’ or ‘lip filler in Bristol’ into search engines will provide an array of supposed professionals in the area, it doesn’t take into account their experience or credentials. These search results are a result of complex algorithms with many clinics paying companies to ensure they appear highly ranked in the search results. Often they are paid adverts.

Always check the qualifications of your practitioner and don’t be swayed by fancy, high-end clinics. Check out the individual doctor’s, nurse’s or dentist’s licence to practice on their designated professional register. Sometimes it makes for very interesting reading….